About Us

What is näo life?

näo life is a digitized wealth management platform that motivates users to make smart financial decisions throughout their daily lives. We are focusing on planning, saving, budgeting, deal finding, investment coaching and tax planning. näo life is designed to be simple, fun to use, and help keep you motivated by offering rewards.


How is started?

We are a group of like-minded individuals who care deeply about improving everyone’s financial situation. Our founders have been working in the financial industry for many years including wealth management, real estate, financial systems and banking. Over the years, many friends have asked us how we build wealth and what tools are currently available. We found that there are many tools helping people with different aspects of financial health. However, our friends did not find that these tools did not help them keep motivated and could not solve their daily money problem in different stages of life. That is how näo life was born.

Why näo life?

näo life is a smart, low cost wealth coach that motivates you to strive towards financial independence. Unlike other apps and platforms, it is customized to your lifestyle while rewarding you for good financial behaviour. It is designed with a simple interface that will keep you focused to achieve your goals while educating you on being more financial savvy. We aim to tie all the aspects of financial wealth together in a single platform with the key focus on making the experience easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

Our Approach

näo is committed to helping you improve your financial health. We are taking baby steps to build a useful platform which you can play an important by completing our poll. Our plan is to focus on one of the five areas in our poll that the majority have voted for. We will start promptly to develop the platform and intend to launch before the end of the year. We will then improve on the platform before developing other areas. All five areas are related and when combined, will help everyone be closer to financial independence.